Don't Miss Our ‘Brainstorming’  Audio Sessions!

The actual definition of brainstorming is to produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion.

With that in mind, we’ve dedicated an entire section of the R3 'RIG' Lab to brainstorming because of just how important and inspiring this can be.

Some people have a knack for coming up with new income generating ideas or molding existing ones into something a bit different or unique.

Just like an interior designer can just ‘see’ something totally different in a room, some people can just spot opportunities that others may not.

Our founder is one of those types of individuals. It’s probably helped that he’s spoken directly to almost 11,000 entrepreneurs and seen countless successes and failures from these people.

The R3 Strategies Mini-Sessions and other areas of the RIG Lab are designed to share strategies on how to take your ideas down the path of monetization – and to generate recurring income streams for you.

But before you go down that path, you have to decide on the ‘what’ you will do, sell or share to generate recurring income.

This is where SO many people get stuck and seem to be like the hamster on the walking wheel and go nowhere and do nothing but ‘hope’ or surf the net so much they get overloaded with too much information (i.e. ‘TMI’ syndrome) and never make a decision to do anything!

They stay in ‘hope and pray’ mode which results in no change in their income levels.

Our Brainstorming Sessions come from not only R3 itself, but also from ideas that members submit to us as a topic for a Brainstorming Session.

You never know where or when the next inspiring idea may come from to put you on a new or additional path to generate recurring income.

Available To Registered R3 Online Community Members