Build A Solid Foundation For Your Income Generating Activities

Just like every house or building that's built to last - it always starts out with a solid foundation. Without this, whatever is built on top of it will eventually crack, crumble or just flat out implode.

It's interesting that in our society our school systems teach the things that they do. Many of those things are basic necessities in life, however, many are arguably not so 'necessary'.

What's most surprising is what is NOT taught in our schools.

Ethics classes have all but disappeared over the last few decades...

Special trade skills are taught very little compared to other subjects...

Strategies for entrepreneurship are all but non-existent (except for a few taught in some colleges)...

Classes or strategies on how to succeed in generating income in a limitless number of ways basically do not exist.

The reality is that the majority of people have not been fortunate enough to have had any teaching, 'coaching', mentoring or advising from people in their lives about 'real-life' and the reality that generating income is a basic necessity in life.

Although these strategies below are by no means the 'end-all-be-all' to income generation, it's designed to help share strategies that have been used by thousands of entrepreneurs to form a beginning 'foundation' on which to start their income generation activities and journeys.

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